Meet Christa

owner | executive chef | homecook


"Feast's menu stems from my heart, home, and garden.  To see my recipes become a favourite to many is humbling."

~ Christa

Born and raised in Winnipeg, Manitoba, and proud member of Peguis First Nation, Christa has spent nearly 20 years refining her cooking skills and expanding her knowledge of Indigenous foods.  She is a homecook turned restaurateur whose passion and creativity are woven into the fabric of Feast.  

Christa started Feast with a focus on community and a goal of becoming a pillar in the West End. She wants each visitor to experience modern dishes rooted in traditional First Nation foods while celebrating the spirit of her culture.  In the four years since opening, Christa's recipes have been featured in publications such as Canadian Living, Chatelaine, and on Food Network Canada.

What is Feast?


We harvest, cook, and eat with good intention. We pay respect to the plants and animals that give themselves to nourish our bodies. As we eat together, we honour our connections, preserve our history, and share our stories. We are fed in mind, body, and spirit.

This is where our name comes from and is what inspires us, and our menu.