Help Indigenous Chefs Help Their Communities

In the spirit of giving this holiday season and in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, we're raising funds to help support Indigenous brothers and sisters across Canada, with the help of Indigenous chefs their teams, and communities at large.  

The culinary industry has been hard hit by the COVID-19 pandemic, many of our Indigenous brothers and sisters rely on the industry to support their families. This fundraiser helps keep chefs and support staff working while preparing meal kits for Indigenous families in need.

Each participating chef and their teams have partnered with local community organizations in order to coordinate distribution of meal kits. 

100% of proceeds will go directly to food, labour and distribution costs to feed as many families as possible (after GoFundMe's fees.) 



Participating Chefs
and Organizations

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Christa Bruneau-Guenther, Feast Cafe Bistro

Joseph Shawana, ddcx Indigenous Kitchen and Catering

Marie-Cecile (Cezin) Nottaway, Wawatay Catering

Maxime Lizotte, Wigwam Catering

Scott Iserhoff, Pei Pei Chei Ow Catering

Paul Natrall, Mr. Bannock Catering

Sheila Flaherty, sijjakkut Catering

Inez Cook, Salmon n’ Bannock Restaurant

Jenni Lessard, Wanuskewin Heritage Park

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Community Organizations

Earlier this summer, we participated in the first distribution of Feast Boxes along with other ICAN chefs. Here are some photos from our deliveries as well as from Chef Paul Natrall.

A message from one of our past recipients:

" At a time when getting groceries is difficult, having all the necessary ingredients within one package made cooking a healthy meal so much easier. The portions were generous! The stew was supposed to make six servings, but it was so rich and hearty that it served six for supper and there were leftovers for the next day.

The ingredients that were chosen were mostly local and the recipe was simple and well explained which made the meal easy to reproduce at a later date. 

Most of all people felt special.

Someone had taken the time to assemble the ingredients and tell them how to turn them into a delicious meal for themselves and their families. For people who don't know a lot about cooking, or who don't have a large pantry of available items, these meal kits made cooking healthy, simple and delicious. 

We would be thrilled to continue to partner with Feast to ensure their delicious recipes get to more families and we think it's a brilliant idea. It affirms people by saying, "you can make this! We'll help you! Just follow these steps," and lets them know that they are not alone. "

Michele Visser, co-director, Indigenous Family Centre

Indigenous Culinary of Associated Nations

Launched with a vision for a world where Indigenous food is not a dish served for one but a cultural feast and celebration of Nations, ICAN is dedicated to sharing Indigenous food, culinary and cultural experiences from across Canada with the world.

In November 2019, an MOU between the Indigenous Tourism Association of Canada and ICAN was signed to support a strategic framework to develop and market the country’s many Indigenous culinary experiences, and in turn, foster the growth of Indigenous culinary tourism on a national level.  For more information visit and

The Gift that Keeps on Giving

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We are always humbled by the support of our community. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts. Please feel free to download and share these Thank You cards.