Getting back to our roots: Our visit to a bison farm

Published February 1, 2018

When I started Feast, I had so many questions, but one thing was for certain, I wanted to ensure Bison was a prominent part of my menu. Not only because of it’s deeply rooted connection to indigenous people and to this province (It’s our official animal after all!) but also because of its many great attributes.

  1. Bison is delicious, sweet, and flavourful
  2. Bison is healthy, lean, and low in saturated fat
  3. Our bison is raised right here in Manitoba
  4. Bison is raised free-range. They live out their lives in pasture ­– no tying them down!
  5. It doesn’t get any more traditional than bison meat. Thanks to conservation efforts, bison is no longer an endangered species.

A few months ago, we were blessed to be able to visit the farm where we source our bison, Lone Spruce Bison Farm. We made an offering to the bison, and the visit only strengthened my commitment to pay homage to this majestic animal.

This video was made possible with the help of Kirk Ferland from IndigeNation Digital and the Adam Beach Film Institute.