A Side Order of Support

Published June 6, 2016

Feast Café Bistro is officially 6 months old, and I want to start off by thanking the community for your tremendous support and of course my amazing staff. There is a steep learning curve in new restaurants and you’ve all rallied to make it a great success.

As you know, we are fairly active on social media and are sure to read all the messages and reviews we receive. We appreciate the feedback and are always looking to improve. The most common review we get is that the food is spectacular but the service needs improvement.

We agree.

I’d like to share something that you might not know about Feast, some of our staff members may lack experience and are still working on building their skill set. This means that sometimes, mistakes are made or things sometimes take a little bit longer. We are working on it.

I have over 20 years experience in restaurant and hospitality. I was fortunate to find work serving in restaurants and gained wisdom while managing my daycare. I got the experience necessary to run a restaurant, and I’m still learning!

Many other people aren’t so lucky.

The average unemployment rate in Canada is around 7%, for First Nation people, that rate jumps to about 13%. There are many factors that cause this disparity, but at Feast, we’re trying to curb it. Some of our staff previously struggled when looking for work, and were often turned away, this was possible due to their ethnicity, lack of experience and age.

I decided when I started this venture that I wanted to make a difference. Not only, in feeding affordable and nourishing meals to the community but also to give people opportunities to succeed. My staff’s resumes may be short but their work ethic, will to learn, and big hearts are extraordinary. I realize this may be a risk, but I am committed to providing employment to someone who really wants a chance to prove themselves.

I’ve welcomed moms who want to provide for their kids; sons who want to support their families and others who were on employment insurance and EIA. We take on students for work placements through several community organizations so they get the experience needed to succeed.

We are dedicated to ensuring your visit to Feast leaves you with a full belly and a happy heart. We thank you for your continued support, and appreciate your patience and understanding.